Aug 16,2010

Star Wars on Blu-Ray

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From MTV Movies Blog : ‘Star Wars’ Series Comes To Blu-ray Next Year, Deleted Scenes (And More) In Tow
The biggest news of the show came on Saturday during the so-called “Main Event,” a one-on-one discussion between franchise creator George Lucas and Comedy Central fake news superstar Jon Stewart. Here it is: “Star Wars,” both of the trilogies, will finally be released as a Blu-ray box set next year. There’s no specific release date (just fall 2011) or price listed, but fans who have been clamoring for hi-def adventures in a galaxy far, far away (yo!) will at long last get their wish. In addition to the usual assortment of commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, retrospectives and the like, we’ll also be getting some unstated amount of deleted scenes, stuff that just hasn’t been seen before. Watch a deleted scene and read more at this Link.

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