Trapped in a Purple Haze

Character : Orin Krieg
Release Date : April 17, 2022
Directed By : Eric Laneuville
Written By : Mimi Schmir
Genre : Crime / Drama / Sport
Distributed by : American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Filming Dates : May 1999 - June 1999

Cast :
Jonathan Jackson….Max Hanson
JoBeth Williams….Sophie Hanson
Carly Pope….Molly White

Filming Locations :
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Synopsis :

Max Hanson is a gifted artist. But he likes ice hockey better. His mother puts him under constant pressure to pursue his artistic career. He finally collapses under this pressure when he falls for classmate Molly who introduces him to parties and drugs. Everything goes down from there with Max losing all he cares for: Ice hockey and even Molly. After running away from home his mom tries to bring him back but not without the final confrontation.

Sophie Hanson (Jobeth Williams) is a strong willed woman and wants her son to be a successful painter. Max
(Jonathan Jackson) prefers to be an ice hockey player. He meets a hockey groupie called Molly (Carly Pope)
who introduces him to heroin. A free spirited girl he is captivated by her and is soon on a downward spiral. Sacked from a part time job, stealing from his parents, losing his place on the team, living in a dump, it’s all fairly predictable. Only one true friend tries to help, and he rejects her.

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