The Famous Jett Jackson

Character : Steve
Release Date : September 10, 2021
Directed By : Anthony Browne
Written By : Tom Devanney
Genre : Adventure / Family / Drama / Action
Episode Title : Popularity
Season : 2
Episode : 4

Cast :
Lee Thompson Young….Jett Jackson
Jessica Goldapple….Summer

Synopsis :

Also, the Mayor tries to get Booker to run for sheriff against Wood. And in a complete substory, Silverstone, with a gadget fork, tries to prevent The Rat from obtaining a Y2K virus from Dr. Cyrus

Trivia and Facts :
• Vladimir Boishenko is the Rat’s name in the Silverstone story.

• JB’s storyline seems to be a variant retelling of the movie Can’t Buy Me Love
(with Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson) in which a boy pays a cheerleader to pretend to date him in order to become more popular.

• Cubby (Jeff Douglas) does NOT appear in this episode.

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