Scott Barringer

About Scott

A big, handsome, athletic 16-year-old, he is quickly dubbed the place’s “bad boy.” On the surface, Scott has everything” athletic skills, intelligence, even musical talent. But his parents’ — albeit amiable — divorce, put Scott in the middle of their breakup and he feels partially responsible.

At 14, his father married a young, sexy woman Scott disparagingly referred to as a “trophy wife.” Closer to Scott’s age than her husband’s, that stepmother seduced him half a dozen times before Scott’s thoroughly confused and rebellious behaviours put an end to it.

Without revealing this horrifying secret, Scott berated her to his father, who tried everything to bring the two of them together to be friends. And the more this clueless father tried, the more Scott acted out.

Soon he was into drugs and petty theft. His school work disintegrated and he was thrown off the football team.

As a last resort for help, his father decided to send him to Horizon.