Hayden Feels The Force on Alex’s List

As the infectiously enthusiastic frontman of Alex Zane’s Guest List, the DJ and presenter brings his love of all things silver screen to one-on-one’s with the biggest and best celebs, every Thursday at 7.30pm on Sky Movies Premiere & HD.

In a film spin on Desert Island Discs (Desert Island DVDs?), guests choose four of their all time favourite movies playing on Sky Movies and Sky Box Office, and sit down for some clued-up chat with the self-confessed Burt Reynolds addict.

Hayden Christensen may always be known as Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader in the Star Wars prequels.

But, holding court on Alex Zane’s Guest List this week, he reveals why Jumper proved a more hazardous shoot, leaving him with the nickname “One big eye”, and both he and Alex relive the time they (separately) attempted to “do a Cool Hand Luke” and munch through 50 hard boiled eggs.

Hayden decided 15 was un oeuf, while Alex coughed up a “eggy furball”.

Amidst the movie banter, Christensen proving his good taste by choosing four class films currently playing on Sky Movies, the actor reveals a fondness for pot-bellied pigs. Apparently they smile when you tickle their tummies…

To catch this quality chat just click on the videos below or make a date with Sky Movies Premiere & HD on Thursday 4th June at 7.30pm. The interview will also be available on Sky Anytime from Sunday 6.

You can also catch Hayden Christensen in the following films currently playing on Sky Movies:

Awake - Sky Movies Premiere & HD
Wednesday 3rd June - 10pm
Thursday 4th June & Friday 5th - 6pm

Jumper - Sky Movies Screen 2 & HD
Saturday 6th June - 3.15pm & 9pm

Factory Girl - Sky Movies Indie
Saturday 6th June - 12.50pm & 11.50pm


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