Star Wars’ star hitches ride after car breaks down in Syracuse

The Force was of no use when Darth Vader’s transport broke down in a galaxy far, far away — Syracuse, New York.

Hayden Christensen, who portrays the young Darth Vader in the last two “Star Wars” films, was taking part in a cross-country driving tour when his 1999 Ferrari broke down in Syracuse on Saturday evening.

The 25-year-old actor called for a tow truck. Towing service owner Steve Burdick showed up in his flatbed truck but had no idea he was dealing with a famous actor. Burdick told the Syracuse Post-Standard he thought the guy was just someone who — quote — “had a rich daddy.”

Burdick transported the 125-thousand-dollar car and Christensen to Toronto, where the actor grew up. During the eight-hour trip, Burdick said he talked about being a born again Christian and played a cassette by a Christian motivational speaker.

Burdick says he didn’t find out who Christensen was until they hit the Canadian border, where people asked the actor for his autograph.

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