Information about Bull Run 2006

Bullrun is the most glamorous and high profile of the new breed of high-end “luxury lifestyle” automotive rallies. Each year, a hundred of the world’s premier super-cars embark on the beginning of an invite-only epic eight-day rolling party across the USA, bringing together a celebrity strewn cast of characters and ’petrosexuals’ for an unforgettable adventure, where, the only obligatory goals are to party, drive and enjoy…

Fueled by an impressive schedule of public and private events at the finest venues and hotels and in the most exciting cities in America, ’Bullrunners’ make their way from one checkpoint to the next, learning their destinations daily, rocking to a close each night in the party capitals of America.

In July 2005 Bullrun ran the, the 8-day USA West coast rally, Los Angeles to Los Angeles, covering 3,000 miles with overnight stops. Celebrities included Hayden Christensen as part of the official Lucas Films Star Wars team and Dennis Rodman in the Lamborghini.

Bullrun 2006 is a coast to coast classic, New York to Los Angeles, July 21st - July 29th. Starting at secret location in Manhattan Bullrun will make it’s way to Los Angeles over 7 amazing days and nights.

Amongst the drivers on the grid, Mario Andretti, Dennis Rodman and Hayden Christensen have all confirmed they want to attend again after claiming the last event was ’the best week of their lives’ and we’ll have some other interesting Hollywood characters coming along also.

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