Hayden Christensen’s New Year’s Eve

The famous Star Wars actor gave a hot welcome to 2006 (in Italian we usually use “fuochi d’artificio” metaphorically to describe a hot [both negative and positive] situation between two or more people,whereas literally the _expression means “fireworks” in English, and in the next line the journalist says that in this case it’s both literal and metaphorical). The fascinating star of the new “Star Wars” trilogy, an important guest at the Capri Hollywood Film Festival, was apparently dazzled by the atmosphere present on the island at night: in consequence of this, he had a bit of fun. Apparently he started a game that turned out to be very successful, using small rockets and fireworks. However, it seems that Hayden’s most successfully achieved game was with the beautiful ladies in Capri. Some say they cought him being very “friendly” with actress Eva Mendes, the star of “Hitch”. Others say he spent a lovely evening dining with Gaia Bermani Amaral, model and actress.

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