Flying under the radar

Guy Pearce wasn’t using his body as a memo pad, so maybe that’s why the “Memento” star seemed to go unrecognized during a visit to The Andy Warhol Museum to research his role as Warhol for the movie “Factory Girl.” Or maybe patrons were just too sophisticated to stare or ask for autographs.

After much back-and-forth about scheduling a date, Pearce and actress Sienna Miller, who is playing Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick, toured the museum and its archives in late November with director Tom Sokolowski. “Tom met with them both,” Colleen Criste, assistant director/external affairs, says.

Miller, whose engagement to Jude Law landed her on the gossip pages, is now on screen in “Casanova” as a feminist writer. Known for “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Memento,” “L.A. Confidential” and cheekbones that could cut glass, Pearce was engaging and interesting, and Sokolowski offered to lend him a Warhol wig. “We were open to the public that day, and I didn’t hear any stories of anyone stopping them,” Criste says.

Pearce apparently also met with Andy’s brother, John Warhola, and toured Pittsburgh. Criste, a Pearce fan, wasn’t at the museum that day. “We gawkers on the staff decided to cut the man a break and let him do his work.”

The movie, tentatively set for a September release, also stars Hayden Christensen as Danny Quinn, modeled after Bob Dylan.

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