Enough of Star Wars right now, I’m Bob Dylan

Hayden Christensen is shy. He always admits it during every interview and he adds that acting “avenges” everyone who’s like him. His personality was confirmed on the 31st of December. The other guests who attended the “Capri Hollywood Film Festival” were celebrating the arrival of the new year dancing and toasting with spumante (the Italian version of champagne): Franco Nero was singing on the stage, Eva Mendes was almost out of her mind, Gabriella Pession was showing off her sensuality. However, the “Star Wars” trilogy’s Anakin Skywalker was in a corner far from everybody else. He was wearing a coat that resembled the one worn by Bob Dylan forty years ago (not to mention Dylan will be his next character) and he was silently filming the whole scene with his inseparable video camera. These are the mysteries of a star who doesn’t feel like one, even if “People” includes him as one of the 50 most handsome unmarried men in the world. And Christensen, 25 next April, is really handsome, perhaps even talented. He has nothing of the “macho” type, he’s more of an ephebe, but this is just a detail for the long line of girls who asked for an autograph. Nevertheless, Hayden would give anything to escape from these “possessed” fangirls: “To me the most important thing is acting, not being successful. When I was 8 I accompanied my sister Hejsa to a screen test and I was chosen for a crisps advert. I knew then what I wanted my future to be like”.

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