Car rally draws curious, few stars

Bullrun 2006 revved into the city Sunday, after a stopover in Toronto. It had the makings of a star-studded event. It’s been described as the most glamorous of the new breed of luxury car rallies. There were Mercedes and BMWs, Vipers and Vets, Porsches and Lamborghinis.

Video cameras were rolling. Interviews were being done. Star-gazers lined the banks of the Detroit River. But where were the stars?

Mario Andretti was supposed to have shown up, but he went home after his Toronto appearance. Hayden Christensen, of Star Wars fame, was also supposed to be here, but his brother Tove Christensen, a film producer in Los Angeles, pulled up in a Porsche instead. Hayden had car trouble and was planning to rejoin the race at a location down the road.

Hayden Christensen told on Sunday his Ferrari broke down somewhere in New York State and had to be transported to Toronto by truck. He said the next checkpoint in the race is Chicago.

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