Christensen Deals In On Madison Kid

Poker seems to be all the rage these days — it’s everywhere. Or, maybe it just seems that way? I don’t watch it but during my usual channel-flipping I’ve seen it on television with all the “celebrity” poker challenges and professional tournaments on ESPN2 or 3 late at night. Plus, there’s been more and more activity in the feature film world concerning movies about, or featuring, poker. And sure, there’s already been some great movies on the subject such as The Cincinnati Kid, House of Games and Rounders. So, with all this, my question is do we really need more poker-related projects?

Well, ready or not, another one’s coming because according to Production Weekly, ex-Sith Lord Hayden Christensen has decided that what his career really needs at the moment is a movie about poker. Christenen will segue into the biopic The Madison Kid after he finishes filming his current projects — Doug Liman’s Jumper (featuring his Revenge of the Sith co-star Samuel L. Jackson) and John McTiernan’s Crash Bandits — which, sadly, probably won’t be good due to the fact that McTiernan hasn’t made a decent movie since The Hunt for Red October. And he directed Die Hard. Man, what happened to him? Sorry, got off on a tangent. I’m back now. Moving on.

Christensen will play poker prodigy and so-called “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth in The Madison Kid, which tells the story of Hellmuth’s rise to fame on the professional poker circuit. Hellmuth, after dropping out of college, became the youngest player ever (he was 24) to win the World Championship of Poker. The film, written by Hellmuth friend Bob Soderstrom, is currently out to directors. No other casting news to report at the moment and no word on a start date either, but with Christensen having two films to finish before this one, I wouldn’t’ expect it to be very soon. That’s ok, not being a fan of poker on TV, in the movies or in real life, I’m sure I can find something to occupy my time. But hey, if poker’s your thing, by all means, get in line early and let me know how the movie turns out.

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