June 2005 Interview from One Magazine

How did you feel when you put on Dark Vader’s
costume for the first time ?
Hayden : It’s hard to desribe, because I felt a
lot of emotion at that
moment. Acting behind a mask was a very
liberating experience and moreover,
when this mask is Dark Vader’s one, you feel very
powerful. It’s a very
animal feeling. It was cool and I enjoyed myself
a lot. But the thing that
satisfied me the most was seeing how the persons
around me reacted when they
found themself in front of Dar Vader. On their
faces, I was able to read a
blend of excitement, admiration and even fear and
a sort of respect. It was
funny to observe it, whereas those persons were
my friends and they knew it
was me, Hayden, behind the mask.

What’s your favourite scene in the film ?
Hayden : On an emotional level, I would say the
one between Anakin and
Obi-Wan before the fight. It’s one of the only
very passionate dark scenes
in the movie. Shooting this scene, I had the
feeling to do an odd thing, for
you can’t let yourself go to a lot of amotions on
screen. Then, I had the
occasion to do it, but it was difficult, because
we always risk to overdo
it. But I have the impression that i got through
it and I’m very satisfied
of this scene. Otherwise, on a technical level,
my favourite scene is
obviously the lightsaber battle between Anakin an
Obi-Wan. It was entierly
choregraphied, but danger is never far away from
you. If you make a mistake,
you hurt yourself ; it happenned several times to
us. I seriously hurt my
knee during the shooting, and I had to stop
during 2 weeks. I also hurt Ian
McDarlid (Palpatine), giving him -accidentally- a
lightsaber knock between
the eyes.

You rehearsed a lot with Ewan McGregor to shoot
this fight scene. Have you
been brought closer ?
Hayden : Yes, during the shooting of the first
movie, he was especially
someone who gave me a lot of advice. But then, we
really became pals. We
often played billiards in his dressing-room.

Because of Anakin’s role, do several producers
refuse to shoot with you,
imagining that you wouldn’t be credible in a
movie without special effects ?
Hayden : No, in fact, only journalists think that
kind of things ! [laugher]
When I meet directors, they always want to work
with me ! [laugher]
Seriously, I think that several directors think
that I’ll never leave
Anakin’s role, but they don’t ask to meet me.
Actually, I recieve a lot of
work proposals, and I’m very grateful for it. I
have several plans in
preparation, which are very exciting and I trust
the future. When I accepted
Anakin’s role, I knaw that I would be bound to
the “Star Wars” universe, but
at the moment, it doesn’t prevent me from
progressing. So we’ll see what the
future hold in store for me.

How do you manage your fame ? Do girls rush on
you in the street now ?
Hayden : No. In fact, I don’t expose myself to
this kind of situation. I
don’t go in the places where I risk to provoke a
riot. I’m a sort of hermit.
I don’t think a lot about the celebrity.

Can you all the same describe the oddest meeting
you’ve had with a fan ?
Hayden : Every meeting with a fan is a bit odd !
[laugher] It’s even oddest
when they are disguised as “Star Wars”
characters…I’ve just come back from
New York, and about fifty persons were waiting
for me at the exit of my
hotel. Sveral of them wer disguised. The fans had
heard where I was putting
up and I can tell you that leaving the hotel
didn’t take place with
discretion. It was very odd. But several fans who
are 5 or 6 are adorable.
They take me for Anakin and it pleases me a lot.

When you’ll have finished to do the movie
promotion, will you want to turn
the page ? What will you feel at that moment ?
Hayden : I think that I’ll have a bittersweet
feeling. I won’t heave a sigh
of relief, but one joy of the actor’s job is to
pass from a character to an
other, to implicate yourself thoroughly and then
to leave all behind you
without turning round. Since I spent more time
with Anakin than with any
other role, it will be sad to say him “goodbye”,
but I will be ready to pass
to other things.

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