Interview with Hayden Christensen

{ After releasing Episode 2, I guess the circumstances around you changed completely. So, through making the Episode 2 and 3 did you personally feel any changes?
Hayden Christensen(H): Lots of change, lots of change. But I embrace it. I like the change. But without question since I was cast in these movies, everything around me was sort of different. But all for the good, you know. I’m very happy with all right now. So, I got no complaints.

{ So, what did you learn or gain from Star Wars?
H: Lots, lots, I mean so much. Um… you know, just as far as the craft of acting you know, it’s been such a leaning experience. The second Star Wars movie Episode 2 was sort of my first big role in a movie and I was a fresh at high school and with in each sort of big experience was lots to learn. And I felt like I was able to apply a lot of that to filming Episode 3, as far as blue screen and the way which these movies were made. But you know, what a learning experience and great people to learn from, you know, George Lucas has been a great Mentor to me. And I’ve really looked up to him and his been a huge impact in my life.

{ He said that you have a dark side. That’s why he chose you as Darth Vader. (laughs)So did you feel any sympathy with him?
H: With Anakin? Of course, yes. I mean you have to be sympathetic to the characters you play. You can’t be bias or judgemental. You know, but I think Anakin is easy to sympathize with and that he’s a good person for the most part you know, he’s just very confused and conflicted and has a hard time differentiate right from wrong. But that doesn’t make him a bad person. He makes bad choices but I think we can still be sympathetic to sort of choices he’s made, you know. I think they are understandable, reasons of love for most part. So I sympathize.

{ How about with Darth Vader?
H: Well, yeah, I mean you know we are talking about the same person. Um,,, you know he’s just very sort of had a isolated time in his life. But he finds redemption, and he emerges from the dark helm. But yeah, I think he’s sympathetic as well, little less so but still.

{ In previous interview, you said that when you were studying drama, you met this teacher who inspired you so much. And this made you decide to choose actor as your professional job, could you tell as more about that?
H: She challenged me you know. She …she challenged me and she pushed me in ways that I wasn’t always comfortable with. And I think that made me respect her for some weird reason. I don’t know, I did well in high school and got good grades, and drama was really the one class that I sometimes struggled with and it wasn’t until I got to this teacher who really pushed me and made me believe that it was a worthwhile thing to do. And really made me apply myself to it that I thought you know, there’s really something to this and I feel connection to this and I owe that her.

{ When I interviewed Rick McCallum, he said you’re so special. You’re the person who always try to the best and has a connection with the audiences. So, as an actor, do you have any professional rules that you follow?
H: Um… I don’t have a set of rules, no. I think that’s why I became an actor, because I don’t wanna follow the rules. But uh… I mean no, I try to be professional and I have a real respect for the work and believe that needs to be treated with the certain…I don’t know… amount of focus and concentration and….so when I go to work that’s the sort of mind that I go to, is that I really focus on the work. And I allow myself to be consumed by it. Um…but you know, when I go home, I em able to let it go.

{ So, what part of your work is the most enjoyable one for you and contrarily what is the most difficult part?
H: Oh…uh…I mean the most enjoyable part of it is the part between action and cut, you know, where you get to act and play these different characters. I guess the least enjoyable part of it is, I don’t know, it’s partly not enjoyable and partly a lot of fun, but it’s all the travel. I mean I like to travel but you miss the people who you love and I don’t get see my family as much as like, I don’t get to spend as much time home. But never the less I don’t complain about it.

{ There are many great lines in Star Wars. Which is your favorite one?
H: My favorite line…I mean…”May the force be with you” obviously. Cause it has such residence. Especially when you’re acting and you’re delivering the line, just before you say “May the force be with you” , there’s just something that you start thinking wow! I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth. And it’s probably the most difficult line to say because of that, but my favorite.

{ What is the most important word or advice that you got from someone? And how did that influence you?
H: I don’t know, I guess from an early age, I was sort of let believe that what you put into it is what you get out of it, you know. And that’s sometimes always the case in acting, that can be a little more ambiguous but especially liken in sports, I grew up playing sports and very much so, in sports is you know, how much devotion you have is the usually the amount of success that you’ll have and that’s really something I really believe in. So, I try to apply myself to whatever it is that I want.

{ So now, everybody knows that you are a great actor, but do you still have interest in architecture? How do you describe your future career?
H: (laughs) I’m an actor. I will continue to act. I do have an interest in architecture but I’m not giving up the architecture for acting, that’s just a miss quote. But no, I love what I do.

{ So, finally could you face the camera and give a message to WOWOW viewers?
H: Hi WOWOW viewers, I’m Hayden Christensen. “Star Wars Episode ‡V: Revenge Of The Sith” is soon to hit the theatres and you should all go and see it.

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