Episode III Game Trailer Goes Live- November 05, 2021

Allow us to take you back for a moment to the heady days of early 1996, when Jar Jar Binks was no more than a pixel in George Lucas’ eye and we had yet to be introduced to the Episode I universe.

You may recall the excitement that greeted the launch of the Episode I soundtrack, offering as it did the first taste of the most eagerly anticipated film in history. And your ears may still be ringing from the shrieks of horror from spoiler-averse fans that greeted the track listings “Qui-Gon’s Noble End” and “Qui-Gon’s Funeral”.

Yes, Lucas gave it all away on the soundtrack cover. Now, with the trailer for the Episode III game, reported here on Coming Soon, it is once again time for fans to be cautious. It may be that what you see here bears no relation to the action of the film, but it looks spoilerific indeed.

We’re not going to reveal anything more about the game, except to say that the graphics are really rather good, and the action looks impressive - Hayden Christensen apparently did the motion capture himself. That’s due out on May 5, 2005, just as excitement about the film reaches fever pitch.

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