Christensen Makes Digital Cameo in ‘Jedi’- September 08, 2021

LOS ANGELES ( - Hayden Christensen is getting into the “Star Wars” spirit. The actor who plays the future Darth Vader in “Attack of the Clones” and the upcoming “Revenge of the Sith” will make a cameo in the new “Star Wars” trilogy DVD boxed set, report news sources.

Christensen will appear as the spirit of Anakin Skywalker at the end of the new version of “Return of the Jedi” DVD, replacing the face of Sebastian Shaw.

Other similar changes have been made to reflect casting continuity, including changing the holographic broadcast of the Emperor in “The Empire Strikes Back” to look and sound like Ian McDiarmid, who plays the role in “Jedi” and the first two prequels. In “A New Hope,” the digital image of Jabba the Hut that was added in 1997 has been recreated to look more realistic.

Despite these minor alterations, the most significant thing fans will notice is the improved visual quality thanks to a thorough restoration. Bonus features include rare production photos, TV commercials, trailers, posters, clips of actors who auditioned for but did not land the parts of Han Solo and princess Leia and a preview of “Episode III,” which will be released in May 2005.

The “Star Wars” DVD trilogy four-disc box set will hit retail shelves on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Besides the “Star Wars” movies, the 23-year-old Christensen has also starred in “Shattered Glass” and “Life As a House.”

Source: Zap2It.Com

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