Blue Peter Transcript-November 04 ,2005

She starts by saying my mate, Hayden. He walks in, they shake hands. She puts oon his pinny- saying she doesnt want him to get mucky.

K: ill tie you up nice and tight, is that alright?
H: THats perfect


K: Do you Cook?
H: I do a little bit of cooking, yes. My grandmother is a very good cook, so… yeah.

K: Well good, this is your recipe. Hayden said i had a very good recipe.

She then talks about what is needed and he goes to the fridge behind and gets out the apples.

Then she says

K :”were gonna do jaba here… we’re going to JAB a stick ino them, get it?” (i swear she touches his ass)

H (laughs) Heh very clever.

They take 6 apples out.

H: You gonna help me out?

K: Yeah i’ll help you out.

They start to jab the chopsticks thorugh the apple- she kind does patronize him a little, but its just her skills as a presenter

He jabs the rest.

Talking about the mix.

He watches her, in a way that would melt anyone

He helps put the sugar in.

He then puts ALL the castor sugar in, when she asks him to do it gently…

K: in a dainty fashion

H: just pours it all in.

She laughs and says that it looks dry and you need to add water.

K: “You see this is Hayden’s recipe, i probably put them in the wrong order


Add vingear (wtf)

K: goes nice and gloopy and sticky
H: Yeah


K: This is one that you did earlier, isnt it Hayden
H: It is, yes.

He then looks over at someone past the camera, just smiling.
K: its really thick and lovely

H: Perfect.
She then shows how gloopy it is, and you hear groaning- dude, i dunno if its him or the camera men, but still- i like to pretend it was him. She then says it smells lovely and he goes

H:it smells amazing.

K :We can hav a chit chat

H: Can i dip it in?

K: Dip away…

He does.

K: Is it true that youre a pilot.

H:im learning, im taking a very slow approach to my pilots licence.

K: So evenutally you’ll be able to fly a real jedi fighter plane.

His laughter CREAMS me (ahem)

K: One more dip… youre very good at dipping

(ADD THE DARKSIDE- chocolate)

K: Anything else planned.

H: Im gonna start a new movie in a couple of weeks in New York (Factory Girl??)
K: Youre a busy boy then.

K:Look at the way its dripping off, doest it make you really hungry.

H: Yeah. I’m starting to salvate actually (omg XD)

K:ARE YOU! So are the camera men ook at them.

And have you been busy playing the video game.

H: the video game has just come out along with the dvd and uhhhh… and its good fun.

K: is it good fun

H: well i got my own character so i.. i … i fill it… i fel obligated ot play it. Look at that!

(she was rolling the apple in the DARKSIDE chocolate)

K: Well ill let you carry on because youre much better at dipping than me, so …

H: Well youre a very good tilter

K: (repeats) THANK YOU

Darth by choclate, in your honour- repeats the recipe

We’re on our last one already!

K We’re a good combination. I think we should have our own cookery show

H: I think we should

K: Have you ever done any cooking on any other show?

H: This is my first. I have been intiated.

K: Is this a good interview technique or… something

H: This is one of the best.

K: Ayyye!!! He says all the right things. Like it.

H:We’re gonna FEAST (his voice goes high there- LOL) afterwards.

K : Im starting it for you, getting excited there

Then they put the ones in the fridge and get the other ones.

K: Hayden has been very busy as he whipped some up before, hadnt you


(he gets the stuff )

H Look at those

K hmm hmm the smell as well

Thank you so much for coming in. And to reward your efforts

H: Heeayyaa (soem wierd noise that makes me feeeel kinda fuuuny) the long awaited pin

Yes the blue peter badge

And as she talks to the camera again repeating the recipe he… just… watches her. (i wouldnt be suuupriiiised if they went out for driiiiiinks - he likes dark haired women right?)

K: Of all the details

(he smiles off at someone- probably his PR or something)

then she turns to camera 2 and goes in a really deep voice “MAY THE FORCE MAKE YOU GO TO THE WEBSITE” then mock breathes- which bless her IS TERRIBLE (when darth sound breathes in shebreathes out- i mean the girl cannot present to save her life bless her.)

THEN close up of Hayden *SQUEE)*

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