Jun 07,2010

2010 CFDA Awards

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Hayden is attending tonight’s 2010 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards in NYC. Pictures and information will be added as they become available.

Hayden Christensen looking dashing as always just arrived with Swarovski Menswear nominee Richard Chai. Source

Walked in with a very cool Hayden Christensen and ran into a fairytale dressed Dakota Fanning. Source

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14 Responses to “2010 CFDA Awards”

  1. Comment by jenna in June 7, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    ugh! i wish i would hav saw this earlier!!!!

  2. Comment by Anon in June 7, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    Pictures at Getty-if your interested……….no idea why the have not be posted yet.

  3. Comment by Jenna in June 8, 2021 @ 1:32 am

    pretty sexy in a tux!…Hayden, not the other guy…

  4. Comment by George Lucas in June 8, 2021 @ 6:54 am

    Saw a pic of Hayden with a cigarette in his hand, I wish he’d stop with the cancer sticks, and as you’ll see I also wish he’d get a decent anti-perspirant LOL Still a big fan though!

  5. Comment by anne in June 8, 2021 @ 7:59 am

    Hi, I like this hairdo.

  6. Comment by Lora in June 8, 2021 @ 8:18 am

    Not a huge fan of this suit, but he still looks great!

  7. Comment by Fred in June 8, 2021 @ 3:02 pm

    Flawless in this pic! Hayden is magic, as ever !

  8. Comment by ja in June 8, 2021 @ 5:43 pm

    i hope jen will be posting the pictures from the event soon!!

  9. Comment by TAV in June 8, 2021 @ 7:37 pm

    Do a closeup and catch that look in his eyes. The answer’s “YES!”, Hayden! YES!!!

  10. Comment by lover in June 8, 2021 @ 9:36 pm

    Supposedly Hayden did a photoshoot for Vogue today

  11. Comment by C in June 8, 2021 @ 11:18 pm

    @ lover - and its supposedly with a twilight star. Its just a rumor though!!

  12. Comment by lover in June 8, 2021 @ 11:29 pm

    he did say something about having to do a photo shoot at the event last night

  13. Comment by TAV in June 9, 2021 @ 7:45 am

    Vogue? Excellent!! Wonder if it will be an individual or group photo? I am waiting to see this!!!! It’s been a while since we’ve had new, gorgeous mag photos.
    Love this man. :p

  14. Comment by Jenna in June 10, 2021 @ 4:08 pm

    that “twilight” star might be Kristen Stewart, she was in Jumper :D