May 03,2010

Multimedia & Bday Submissions

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Hayden’s birthday has passed, but I wanted to share these amazing submissions from Jennie, Lawrence and Frederique. All of these will be included in the scrapbook. I am working on the book as I write this and it should be ready by next week sometime.

Click each thumb to enlarge!

Nada sent in some wallpapers that go along with Lyn’s fanfic. You can check out her story by visiting her Livejournal. Chapters are located at her Yahoo group.

It’s titled “Maybe You’d Understand.” The character’s based on Hayden Christensen, his name’s Tristian in the story.

Click to enlarge!

I’ve created a new wallpaper from the (RED) PSA video, and submissions from Jill and Tav have also been added.

Wallpapers > Jen, Jill, & Tav

Thanks to Sisy (Princy) for submitting 8 new signatures. More can be viewed here.

I’m always accepting fanart, graphics, anything Hayden related, so feel free to send in your creations. Thank you to everyone for taking part in the birthday threads and scrapbook.

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One Response to “Multimedia & Bday Submissions”

  1. Comment by Lyndsay Barrett in May 4, 2022 @ 12:44 pm

    Wow these are incredible! Massive thanks to the artists for the time they’ve put in to create these masterpieces.