Aug 26,2010

How Hayden Christensen’s ‘Takers’ Character Is Like Darth Vader

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From Vibe.Com - That’s until he uses the fight ‘force’ and opens a can of whup ass in one of the film’s most exciting fight scenes. “It was mostly me,” Christensen says of the sequence that required very little stunt help, “I had to make sure I was in decent shape so I didn’t get beat up too badly.”

Having had lots of movie fighting experience from the latter two Star Wars prequels, 29-year old actor says he was accustomed to the physical grind highs and lows shooting those scenes require. “It was a well-choreographed sequence and it was very safe. But we spent a day roughing each other up and I got to give it to him,” he laughs of the other actor in the scene.

And Christensen says once he got a hold of the Takers script, being apart of the summer action thriller was a no-brainer, because the film’s subject matter took him back to his earliest childhood dreams.

“To get the chance to make a proper action movie with big explosions?” the Canadian-born actor says. “Running around, playing cops and robbers and shooting a gun? It was totally to indulge the kid in me.”

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  1. Comment by Ruth in August 28, 2021 @ 12:07 am

    Big explosions, THAT’S an action movie all right!!