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Project Information; Rumored and Dropped
Beast of Bataan
To be directed by Fred Schepisi: 1945 Tokyo/Philippines. Four young military lawyers receive the least desirable assignment in the entire postwar occupation of Japan from Supreme Commander Douglas MacArthur – they are to represent a Japanese General (Kôji Yakusho) who has been accused of being responsible for the notorious Bataan Death March.

At first they do their best to evade their new career-destroying assignment. Then they begin to discover that General Homma, known as the “Beast of Bataan,” is a good and honorable man who was not, in fact, involved with the crimes for which he was accused. But MacArthur, bears a secret grudge against Homma, who was the only Japanese officer to ever defeat him in battle.

The young American military lawyers endeavor to save Homma from his obvious fate, fighting not only their own commanding officers but also Homma himself, who knows he is destined to die.

This is a story in which villains turn out to be heroes, heroes turn out to be villains, and a group of young soldiers, along with an imprisoned alleged war criminal, provide a lesson in courage.
"Lord of the Rings" filmmaker Peter Jackson is being lined up to tackle yet another internationally beloved literary property - "Tintin". What is surprising though is that these will be CG-based, 3D digital motion-capture movies, ala "The Polar Express" and the upcoming "Beowulf." No word yet on who'll helm the third. They will be adaptations of three of the 23 books based on the character, but which ones have yet to be revealed. It's expected that both will get to work on the project once they wrap up their involvement in both "The Lovely Bones" and the fourth "Indiana Jones" film. Teletext UK reports that Hayden Christensen is already the bookies favourite to land the lead role. Read More.
The Madison Kid AKA Poker Kid
Biopic of Phil Hellmuth the 24-year-old Hellmuth, who became the youngest World Champion of Poker by defeating the two-time defending champion, Johnny Chan, in the World Series of Poker main event. Hellmuth attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for three years before dropping out to play poker full time much to the chagrin of his father, a professor at the school. Hayden denied ever being a part of this project in a exclusive interview with Etalk back in March 2007.
Crash Bandits
A treasure hunter specializing in downed aircrafts finds himself chasing his arch nemesis, who is holding his fiesty ex-wife hostage, towards a critically missing treasure clue aboard a downed plane deep in the jungle.
Small Town Odds
Jason Headley also adapted his novel to make the screenplay for this movie.The Novel description: The story revolves around Eric Mercer, who grew up in the fictional small town of Pinely, West Virginia and spent his youth wanting to get away. Though in love with Jill Dupree, he gets a different girl pregnant, and decides to stay. The book takes place six years later. Eric has a five-and-a-half year old daughter, Tess, who is the only thing in life he’s not bitter about. When Jill’s father passes away, she returns to Pinely, forcing Eric come to terms with love and life. Full of laughs and poignancy, it’s a stunning debut .The movie is being produced by Forest Park Pictures & Cruise/Wagner Productions. Follow the links to read more about the plot and character.Hollywood.Com & Interview with Jason Headley.
Man on Third
When a high school teacher’s younger brother and star baseball player moves to town to play for the Baltimore Orioles, he is forced to reconcile long-standing resentment toward his brother in the hopes of building a genuine relationship.
Red Rabbit
Jack Ryan, CIA, helps with transporting a Russian defector and his family to the United States with the help of the British SIS. He confirms the KGB plan to kill Pope John Paul II (who, at the time the novel takes place, had just been elected). Ryan ends up apprehending the man they suspected to be the actual shooter, but was actually the assassin's shooter.
Sixty Six
A drama directed by Barry Levinson.(From the May 2005 GQ Article).
Hayden Christensen and his brother Tove Christensen have teamed with Emmy-winning documentarian R.J. Cutler to produce a reality project for FX. The project, tentatively titled "Masterpiece," is going to chronicle a young artist's rise to fame. A talent search is under way for a budding artist to star in "Masterpiece," which has received a pilot presentation order from the cable network. The unscripted project marks Hayden Christensen's first foray into producing.
8th Voyage of Sinbad
Director Rob Cohen.Keanu Reeves, who will star as the titular hero, sailing to 10th-century, civil-war-torn China. "He just went, 'Oh ,that's so brilliant.' Ray thinks Keanu [could be] the greatest Sinbad ever". All heroes need a beautiful gal pal and Cohen thinks Ziyi Zhang is the one for the job. Plus, he reminds us, "Sinbad's got a crew, so it's gonna be a whole interesting group of actors. I've talked to Jet Li, Djimon Hounsou and "-busy guy!-" Hayden Christensen". But the biggest surprise in this monster-filled action flick that begins shooting in January is the rating."I'm gonna make it PG," says the usually PG-13 friendly Cohen,"so that everyone can go".
Seventh Heaven
Rumored to be set in the 1800's-1920's it's a Romantic Comedy,directed by Gillian Armstrong. The only one casted is:Tom Wilkinson
Picasso at the Lapin Agile
Comedy about the events which occur at a fictional 1904 meeting between Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein at a Paris bar called the Lapin Agile. As Einstein explains his Theory of Relativity and Picasso becomes inspired to complete a new painting, the bar regulars witness the creative processes of these two 20th century geniuses. Before the night is through, the Lapin Agile is visited by another great figure of the 20th century - Elvis Presley. More Info?
Less Than Kind
When a young drug dealer forced to run for his life carjacks a middle aged housewife running from her life, neither of them could know that their lives are so unknowingly intertwined. What begins as an act of desperation ultimately leads to tragic circumstances as their worlds begin to unravel and collide in front of them,it's now in pre-production.
The Other Side of Simple
Two thieves return to their Midwestern hometown after fleeing a botched robbery ten years before. One of the thieves finds his slow-witted brother, who was left behind for the police the first time, and cons him into playing patsy again for their new scheme. More about the plot can be read at the Press Archive .
Star Wars star Hayden Christensen is making a giant leap from his role in the sci-fi epic -by playing a toy boy lover in a British period drama. Christensen - whose character Anakin Skywalker becomes evil Darth Vader in next year's final Star Wars movie - will be seduced and "taught the ways of love" by Hollywood star Jessica Lange in Cheri, to be directed by British theatre impresario Bill Kenwright. Kenwright reveals, "It's in its very early stages but its called Cheri and is based on the novel by French writer Colette. The whole thing is set in 1913 and Judi Dench is onboard to play Hayden's mother.
Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' movies will don a different role in 'Cheri', a British period drama, that of a mushy lover.It will be a compete image change for the 'Star Wars' hero who will be seen romancing the sultry Jessica Lange in the movie which will be directed by British theatre personality Bill Kenwright. "It's in its very early stages but its called Cheri and is based on the novel by French writer Colette. The whole thing is set in 1913 and Judi Dench is onboard to play Hayden's mother,"
Penelope stars Christina Ricci as a cursed woman who sets out to end her streak of bad luck. The modern day fable shows how the young woman is really on a journey to find her true self. Mark Palansky will direct from a script by television writer Leslie Caveny. The film's producer Reese Witherspoon will take a supporting role. Hayden had signed on as the love interest, however because of scheduling conflicts he dropped out in January 2006 and was replaced by James McAvoy.

Poker Night
POKER NIGHT is a bone chilling psychological thriller combining the breathtaking horror of SEVEN and the brilliantly inventive twists and turns of THE USUAL SUSPECTS. When rookie detective Stan Jeter (HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN) wakes to find himself strapped to a chair in a dim and filthy basement he has every reason to panic. Having ignored the advice of his Captain and mentor Calabrese (SAMUEL L. JACKSON) he is waylaid by a call on his scanner, and has fallen into an elaborate trap – but his nightmarish ordeal is only just beginning… Jeter’s faceless abductor is a vicious serial killer who is bent on ruining his reputation, while mercilessly torturing his captive both physically and mentally. Any thoughts of immediate escape are banished though on the realisation his girlfriend Amy also lies captive somewhere in this underground hell. Cut off from the outside world and with the realisation that this monster is unstoppable, Stan is forced to refer back to the only help available to him. Tradition demands that the rookie attend a “Poker Night” - an evening when the veteran detectives impart their priceless knowledge to the rookie. Only their tales contain the survival skills Stan requires to escape from his living nightmare. They may also solve the puzzle of Stan’s nemesis’ terrifying vendetta against him. POKER NIGHT – Let the game begin.
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