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Hayden Information; Quotes about Hayden Christensen
  • "Everything is in his eyes. He is not yet at an adult age and his face expresses innocence, but one can see a great maturity in his look which is perfect for the role of Anakin."-Robin Gurland, casting director for "Attack of the Clones"

  • I recently met Hayden. He's so beautiful...." -Kelly Osborne

  • Hayden is one of the nicest - it's sickening - he is extremely talented, he's extremely good looking, he's clever, he's intelligent and he's nice. He's 21 years old and I just would like him to stay the way he is, he's just terrific. He was a marvel to be on the set with and we were together last night and together in Indianapolis and other places - it's such a pleasure. And he was acting in a play in London just now and he was magic - This is our youth - it was called. And then on the plane I'm watching him in Life As a House - he's been haunting me a bit. But it sounds weird to say it's a kind of honour to know him but actually it feels like that. He's a very, very serious actor, knows his craft brilliantly, very, very disciplined, studies hard, takes it very seriously. He's an all- round good guy.-Anthony Daniels

  • "You should see the number of letters from admirers that he received every day...They were completely in love with him! But that didn't make an impression on him--it really didn't interest him at all."-A.J. Cook, one of the actresses on "Higher Ground"

  • I asked him whether he cared about the criticism of Hayden Christensen, who played Anakin in Clones. "Not a bit," Lucas said, "this is a talented kid. Years from now people are going to say, was he always so good, and look at Clones, and realize yes."-George Lucas

  • "At the time, the girls were already crazy about him. In one of the plays that we put on, he had to be bare-chested. Certain girls came to see the play just for that..." -Jeff Young, Hayden's drama teacher when he was in high school

  • "When he is in front of the camera, Hayden is terribly concentrated and disciplined. Sometimes, he was angry with me because he was under the impression that I wasn't taking a scene seriously. For example, we were filming scenes in which we simply had to walk up stairs and he never stopped saying to me, 'You're throwing your arms around too much! You don't have to walk like you do in everyday life!' Sometimes, these comments really got on my nerves, but, at the same time, I had to admit that he was completely right." --Natalie Portman

  • "Hayden is a passionate person. He takes his profession very seriously and I love that. I sensed that he was sometimes frustrated with having to work in front of a blue screen, but I was there to lend him a hand."-Ewan McGregor

  • "This boy is going to become the greatest star in the world."-Sayed Najem, his martial arts teacher for "Attack of the Clones"

  • "Everything went well for me. When Hayden arrived in town, all the journalists left me alone and were interested only in him..."-Kevin Kline, Hayden's costar in "Life as a House", on a press conference given in Toronto where the film was presented in a festival.

  • "Everybody's been very cool here and pretty much ignored me, swarming all over Hayden because he's the flavour of the millennium. By flavour of the millennium, I mean as opposed to flavour of the month. I mean, Hayden is here to stay and he's the genuine article."-Kevin Kline, Hayden's costar in "Life as a House", on a press conference given in Toronto where the film was presented in a festival.

  • "Every day, Hayden gave 110 percent, and that showed on the screen. He has totally mastered his craft..." -George Lucas

  • "Hayden is very talented. He just has this ability. I watch the show sometimes and I'm just sort of in awe with what he does. What comes across on the screen is so beautiful and true. It's incredible." -A.J. Cook, co-star in Higher Ground

  • "We became very good friends. He is one of the most reflective people I know. He talks very softly, he is not arrogant; in short, he is a very good boy."-Matthew Hastings, the creator of "Higher Ground"

  • "I was disappointed that he didn't come with his lightsaber. I also waited for him to drink one or two glasses of champagne to loosen his tongue..."-Ludivine Saignier, actress, on meeting Hayden at the last Cannes Film Festival

  • He's really, really quiet. When I met him, I thought, 'This is going to be so hard.' But then I got to know him. He's quiet, but it's such an attractive quietness. He's got that unnameable thing that makes you just want to watch him."-Natalie Portman

  • "Out of that shyness there is a real strength. There's a real energy that he keeps inside." -George Lucas

  • "Hayden Christensen as Anakin is the sexiest "Star Wars" guy since Harrison Ford (the main reason my then-late-teens hormones took me back to "Episode IV" the first half-dozen or so times). Not only do his eyes smolder, he can slowly, teasingly unroll a wicked little smile that more than hints HE CAN OWN ANY WOMAN. In the last love scene of the movie, you just know he is seconds away from divesting Padme' of her senatorial robes, and she'll be tossing her speech notes into that sapphire Naboo lake."

  • "I love Hayden, I think he's brilliant. He's fantastic bloke. He played with my daughter (Clara, 5) for hours on end and she was very fond of him. And that is a great sign for somebody." -Ewan McGregor

  • "He's brilliant. I love him to death. He's a great kid." -Ewan McGregor

  • "He's really fast and he's got all the twirls down. He's quite extraordinary with his moves and spins. And he puts 110 percent into it. I think he was a baton girl in a past life." -Ewan McGregor

  • "It's extraordinary to think that he's so young." -Ewan McGregor

  • "He's a very gentle guy and he's got quite a beautiful spirit.He's a very passionate young actor and he takes it terribly seriously and is incredibly passionate about it. And that I loved, I loved seeing that in him" -Ewan McGregor

  • "He's got that intangible star quality." -Matt Hastings

  • "He picked up the martial arts bigtime after only a week and yet he's so humble and quiet. I love it." -Sayed Najem, martial arts instructor for ATOC

  • "He's an extraordinary actor." -Kevin Kline, co-star in LAAH

  • "There was no ego. If there was it was extraordinarily well hidden." -Michael Braverman

  • "You look at those eyes and there's just so much happening there. Hayden had all the elements of the character." -Robin Gurland, casting director for ATOC

  • "He's very intense, one of the best actors I know."- Cher Staite

  • "He's probably the sweetest kid in the world"- Irwin Winkler

  • "He amazes me every time. He has some tricky, tricky scenes...very complicated scenes. The arc that he's creating not only has to go through this film but the next one, and there's a lot of texture to it. And again, the way that this is composed, George writes in these vignettes and you have to really be able to play within a certain scene, but then carry it forth. For an actor who is carrying it forth in one or two films it's very difficult. It's a very emotional balance that Hayden's playing. And he can't really give away too much on this one, because the next one is really when it's going to come into play. He is one of the strongest actors I've come across in a long, long time. And it's not just my opinion. People are constantly coming up to me on set and saying "Do you know how good he is?" Yes, I do. And these are other actors. It's the ultimate compliment when another actor says, "This kid is something!" -Robin Gurland, casting director for ATOC

  • "He's a really complex person and he has all these various shades to his personality, and he does this incredible job. So he's completely believable as not only someone who any girl would swoon for, but also as someone who's young, angry and impulsive, and who could easily be swayed into becoming very, very dark."-Natalie Portman

  • "Hayden's a very sexy guy and I loved working with him. We get along really well and trust each other, and I hope it shows on screen that we really enjoyed working together."- Natalie Portman

  • Interviewer : You and Hayden Christensen didn't have to shoot your love scene the first day on set did you? "Oh no! Hayden and I became really good friends. We just did the scene and were laughing our way through it. It was great."-Jena Malone

  • Interviewer : Did you and Hayden joke about his role in Star Wars? "It's an amazing opportunity that he has and regardless of all the buzz and craziness he has around him, he has this amazing head on his shoulders. I think he's gonna ease right through the whole craziness that's going to come next summer. He's really talented which is more important than the roles you get; the talent that you have and want to increase and challenge yourself and keep growing."-Jena Malone

  • "I was blown away on The Phantom Menace, because he was so damn good at it, but when Hayden came along, it was scary!!."-Nick Gillard on Hayden's physicality and martial skills, with "Ewan McGregor

  • "When asked who would win in a fight Ray Park’s Darth Maul or Hayden Christensen?Anakin Skywalker.-Hayden would cream Darth Maul."-Nick Gillard

  • "Christensen's performance is wonderful"-Sarah Kerr,Vogue

  • "Hayden Christensen is intense"-Eric Riddle, KING-TV(NBC)

  • "You're not Darth Vader, I just kicked your ass last week"-Tove Christensen

  • "Hayden is a very talented actor. He's very good and very professional. Works really hard"-George Lucas

  • "He's got a fantastic mind. He understands exactly the part. Every stunt he's got on this movie, he'll do it....."-Nick Gillard

  • "With Hayden we have something really unique. We’ve got someone who has trained for 11 weeks just for this movie so he’s got the muscle memory to do everything just right and then on top of that, he plays a lot of video games so he really knows the end application of what we’re doing."-Milham on the Making of the Star Wars Video Game

  • "Hayden and I found a rhythm together right away, learned to trust each other completely, and became co-conspirators"-Natalie Portman
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