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Hayden Information; Frequently Asked Questions
Is Hayden Gay ?
No. It was a ridiculous rumor that started by Gayzette Magazine.
Does Hayden smoke ?
Yes! He did try to quit for while but has since taken it up again.
Is his middle name Sterling ?
No. Hayden's full name is Hayden Christensen.
Hayden has NO middle name. In his own words:
Hayden: I've also heard that my name is Irving Hayden Christensen.
Interviewer: I've heard it's Sterling ?
Hayden: Sterling, that was it! Well, it's been Hayden from birth.
Interviewer: Every internet site being created for you as we speak cites that one as fact.
Hayden: Really? Well they're all wrong!
Are Hayden and Erika Christensen related ?
If I email you, will it reach Hayden?
No, it will not. Sorry, but all email directed to Hayden will simply be deleted. As much as we'd like, we are simply unable to help you reach him.
Does Hayden ever visit Desiring Hayden.Net ?
He has / does and is a bit overwhelmed. His entire family has also visited and approves of the website.
Do you know Hayden's home address and or email ?
Sorry, I do not. If I did, I would never give it out.
Does Hayden have any siblings ?
Yes.1 brother: Tove and 2 sisters: Kaylen & Hejsa.
The Website
Can I use your pictures /caps ?
You are free to use any of the images for your personal use, to create icons, fanart, wallpapers and whatever else you'd like, but I would appreciate if you didn't display them on your website!
Why do you put Desiring Hayden.Net on your images?
I do this so that people know which website the pictures have come from, it's simply a label of origin. All the images are copyright of their respected owner. I do not put my tag on images if the owner requests that I refrain from doing so. I do not claim copyright on any photos unless otherwise noted. If a contact for any image is provided, please ask the owner for permission before using it.
Why Hayden ?
As with all fansites, Desiring Hayden.Net began as a simple homage to Hayden, expressing my admiration for the man. A sense of community has since developed, & DH.Net became more than just any other fansite.My goal is to provide other fans with news, accurate information, and quality images, audio and video.
Is this his official website ?
-No. It's just a fansite created by myself. DH.Net was never intended to become his official. The site is first and foremost for the fans!
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Role: David Rice
Status: Post-production
Released: February 15, 2022

Role: Clay
Status: Post-production
Released: November 2007

Role: Lorenzo de Lamberti
Status: Post-Production
Released: 2008

Role: Billy Quinn
Status: Out on DVD
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