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  • All my characters have characteristics, I don’t know anything about and that’s the joy, being able to justify their actions & find sympathy in their wrongs,and understand their accomplishments.

  • After Life as a House I took a while off and tried to remember who I was at the beginning of the film,you obsess,

    and it’s exhausting,to lose your sense of self.

  • Yoda,I love Yoda!

  • I hate flying.

  • I hope that,at the very least, it inspires them to follow their dreams in acting and to take risks and to just get out there and do what you’re going to do,

    and not be afraid of whether you’re going to be successful or not because anything’s possible.

  • I never would have thought that I’d be in Star Wars,and here I am.

  • Bryan Adams,pro or con?Con.

  • Celine Dion-con.We apologize for them.

  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to date actresses,especially when you have to do sequels with them.

  • I’m such a bad-ass!

  • I’m a sweet potato person.I love this really gooey dish my mom makes with tons of marshmallows over the potatoes.

    It’s a good excuse to eat marshmallows.

  • Actors are observers. They’re trying to have an understanding of human sensibility. And how do you have

    that accurate observation if you regard yourself as someone of great importance? When you’re the one

    constantly being observed, because they view you as a celebrity? It’s all wrong.

  • They’re trying to have an understanding of human sensibility,& how do you have that accurate observation if you

    regard yourself as someone of great importance.

  • I’ve got a frog collection! I was given one when I was 12 and from then on everyone gave me frogs. Some made of

    wood, some made of bean bags.

  • It’s awesome to portray a character who becomes Vadar, I’m getting ready to go to the dark side.

  • I refuse to to drink pop out of a can that has my face on it.That’s too odd but I get a bit excited.

  • I love acting because it’s a bit of an escape.It gives you the ability to reinvent yourself. They say that acting is the

    shy man’s revenge.

  • I’ll go anywhere and everywhere that has food.

  • Well, of course, there has to be some consistency. But the movies are at such different times in Anakin’s life that I think I’ll have

    room to play and create. I’m going to try to bring some of the sensibility that Jake brought to the role, and some of the feeling

    that Sebastian brought to it. But for the most part, I’m going to create my own Anakin-so be prepared."-On how much

    he has to emulate the other actors who played Anakin.

  • Yoda is just the coolest!

  • Yeah-it’s cool,having little kids playing with little figurines of my character,It will be really weird,because Star Wars is

    everywhere,I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.I could be drinking myself out of a Pepsi can.

  • Just picking up Darth Vader’s lightsaber was orgasmic.

  • When you’re the one constantly being observed,because they view you as a celebrity? It’s all wrong.

  • It was easy to do the intimate scenes with Natalie, she made me feel very comfortable with myself.

  • There was no one to baby-sit me, so I went along for the ride and they asked me if I wanted to do some commercials and I said sure.

  • When me and Ewan would be fighting, I would be making all these noises.

  • It was only about a week ago that it started to hit me that I was testing for Anakin(Darth Vader) It’s just been sort of hard to grasp.

  • I’m actually an underwear and sock freak,I just love the sensation of a fresh pair of socks.

  • My biggest influences are The Simpsons,Matt Groening and Curious George,they showed me it was okay to be mischievous.

  • So much of what we did was in blue screen, they send you in this room and they’re like, there’s a giant monster with huge claws

    coming at you,Action!

  • With Life as a House, I had a lot of expressive freedoms, with Star Wars, I did whatever George Lucas told me to do.

  • The auditions became all about meeting Natalie.It was just the thrill of shooting with her.I believe I have chemistry

    with her and that is key to my getting the part.

  • I was just waking up and my roomate walked in and handed me the phone and it was my agent and manager & they were pretty excited,

    so I knew as soon as I got on the phone,I walked outside just stunned and in disbelief.I called my mom first thing,and my roommate started blaring

    the Star Wars soundtrack in the background.I didn’t want to tell her right off, but of course she heard the music and started flipping out.

  • I’ve had a few run-ins with water, but I still find it totally sensual.

  • The angel statuette that my mom gave me stands on my bedside table watching over me wherever I go.

  • I haven’t showered for two weeks,I’m making a concerted effort to smell bad & I think I’m doing a pretty good job

    at it.

  • It’s scary that my face is going to be everywhere.

  • If you’re into the flaky Hollywood scene, then L.A.s the place to be.To me it’s a horrible concrete jungle, but who

    knows, maybe I’ll turn into a hollywood flake, too.

  • Growing up I played competitive Triple A hockey and I played competitive tennis and hoped to get a tennis scholarship at university, but I got a bit sidetracked with acting.

  • I would meow as one of their cats just to have a cameo role on the Simpsons.

  • I love acting because it’s a bit of an escape.It gives you the ability to reinvent yourself,they say that acting is the shy man’s revenge.

  • Hey, I love the guy, but there are no love scenes between me and Jar Jar,I can tell you that much.

  • I act because I love acting and I don’t want to be seen as a teen heart throb.

  • Look, I’m just this kid from Toronto who got his start in school plays,I still live with my folks who make me mow the lawn

    and take the garbage out, then one day, I’m on this multimillion dollar set surrounded by R2-D2 and C3PO. Every nuance was surreal.

    The saber? A thrill. The outfit and cloak? Mind boggling. Meeting R2-D2? An out of body experience.

  • My theory on the gossip is if it’s not true,I’m okay with it,& I’ve been okay with it,so it’s not true.

  • I act because I love acting and I don’t want to be seen as a teen heart throb

  • I think everyone should be held responsible for their actions.

  • I feel very fortunate.

  • For me love comes first.If I had to choose between love and duty, I would choose love over obligation. There’s no

    doubt about it. I would love to have a fixed residence and a bunch of children; to find them waiting for me when I come back

    from work.

  • Stay true to yourself, keep your morals & respect the people you love.

  • In highschool I wasn’t a popular guy. Is weird hear that the girls like me now.

  • I’m aware that there was a fair amount of hysteria on set when , uh, when I first emerged as Darth Vader. It’s quite

    something. I can’t even necessarily articulate how-how it made me feel. And that part was-was very empowering. A memory

    that, uh, won ‘t leave me in the near future.

  • I prefer Pepsi over Coke, and I won’t be able to drink it because I refuse to drink out of a pop can that has my face

    on it.

  • All I want is all what my mother wanted for me when she raised me - to be happy. For that, I don’t need to be

    in a relationship. I don’t need to have a certain level of respect. I just want to care very much about what I do

    and be kind to everyone in the process. It’s important that I can feel that. That’s happiness.

  • It’s such a struggle to protect your integrity and dignity in this industry … they really want to attack your

    morality and your beliefs. They need you to give up a certain part of yourself before they’ll initiate you into

    ’stardom’ … I’ve always been kind of a hermit. I find my joy in the little things they want to take away from me.

    Prior to all this, I took pleasure from being the observer. Now I’m the observed.

  • I have nothing but good feelings toward older women.

  • One of the things I find about acting is that the less the audience knows about the actor, the more they’re able to

    believe in him in the role.

  • Get away from me, I’m allergic to you!’ -He freaks at one point-From Entertainment Weekly Hayden’s panicky

    fear of bees.

  • We never dated or anything. We hung out.-On the rumors about him and co-star Natalie Portman.

  • The sort of transition into the dark side was where I was wanting to go from the very get-go, and, uh, I wasn’t

    really sure at the time why I was being asked to pull back but now I understand it’s because it has to take place

    at very specific points in this film.” Hayden on taking Anakin to the dark side.

  • We never dated or anything. We hung out.-On the rumors about him and co-star Natalie Portman.

  • For some reason, mainly because I jump around trying to save people a lot, my pants kept splitting,

    right in the most embarrassing places. They just kept splitting. I was embarrassed, but Ewan loved it! Every time it happened,

    he accused me of trying to steal the scene.

  • This so called craft where you pretend to be other people. And when you are 15 of 16 years old and trying to figure

    out who you are, well, it was something that really caught my interest.

  • To be honest I went in with no expectations, I really wasn’t thinking that, you know………I really want this part, it was,

    “Wow, that’s George Lucas. This is cool.

  • The action figures are “actually sort of cool.” He says “it’s weird to have your face on a bag of potato chips or on a

    cereal box, packet of M-and-M’s or something like that.-Hayden Christensen doesn’t mind seeing his face on a

    “Revenge of the Sith” action figure, but that’s where he draws the line.

  • It’s safely hidden in his closet.Every once in a while he takes it out and gives it “a twirl.” Otherwise, he says,

    it’s just there so he knows it’s there.-In an interview with AP Network News at George Lucas’ Skywalker

    Ranch in Northern California, Hayden Christensen admits he walked off with his light saber after playing Vader in

    “Revenge of the Sith.”

  • I’m just this kid from Toronto who got his start.

  • I have sort of been holding my breath for the past two years waiting to see how this film is going to turn out.

  • Last time I was here, I went up to the archives and got shown around, and there was the dark helm, …

    I asked if I could put it on and get a picture, which is pretty funny, because I’m wearing this gray track suit and had this

    enormous helmet on which is just completely disproportionate.

  • People will be able to watch it as one linear story, which was George’s original intention.

  • He’s truly one of the great filmmakers, and just a visionary storyteller,…So to get to sort of be a part of his world for

    these past couple of films has been pretty amazing. I feel greatly indebted to the man.

  • A long time ago, in a country not so far away, I was eight years old, doing my best Darth Vader imitation.

  • I was looking forward to this film because this was the side of Anakin’s character that I was really looking forward to

    playing … that sort of transitional phase of his life where he goes to the dark side.

  • That is what this film is about. It is about Anakin becoming dark, and all that that entails, … It gets back to the

    basics that make ‘Star Wars’ great. Good versus evil, all that good stuff.

  • I nag him every now and then about whether or not I’ll get to wear the Darth Vader outfit, and he gives me a

    little wink-wink, nudge-nudge, that maybe I will!

  • I wanted to play the insecurity and vulnerability that comes along with the uncertainty of being 16. It was definitely

    something I had to deal with at that age, but not in the same way the character did. The drawing point when I first read the

    script, though, was that my character is introduced through a failed attempt at autoerotic asphyxiation. I thought that would be a

    great way for everyone to see Anakin Skywalker for the first time - falling over in his closet while masturbating..

  • I nag him every now and then about whether or not I’ll get to wear the Darth Vader outfit, and he gives me a

    little wink-wink, nudge-nudge, that maybe I will!

  • I relish riding the bus because that’s something I feel like maybe I won’t be able to do when Star Wars comes out.

  • He was like ‘I need a haircut-think you could do it?’ He’s not one of thos guys who are

    constantly preening-Tove Christensen on his brother and giving him a haircut, which led to him needing extensions for

    Star Wars.

  • That’s going to be unsettling. You have to be a pretty deranged individual to want that-to want to be famous on

    that level. Loss of anonymity comes with the territory and when it’s taken from me, it’s taken from me-On what it’s like to

    be recognized everywhere.