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May 18, 2010
Gol de Letra Foundation Video
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by JESSICA WEST in May 18 - 11:21 am


by Nancy in May 18 - 7:25 pm

LOL! He really got a work out! Loved the video. Thanks Jen.

by Jenna in May 18 - 10:44 pm

lol its funny how he keeps saying Anakin Skywalker! lol i also loved the part where he shouts out GOOD JOB ANI! lol haha hes not anakin hes Hayden!

by ATLqueen in May 18 - 11:27 pm

*SMH* Is that ‘Anakin’ and Darth Vadar thing ever gonna escape him? Poor child. I wonder
how he REALLY feels about that character these days.

by Jammer in May 19 - 12:35 am

Probably hates it atlqueen

by Don'tcallmeAni in May 19 - 6:01 am

It’s better to be remembered for something than not to be remembered at all for anything which is all I’ve got to say about Hayden being typecast forever as Anakin/Vader.

by ATLqueen in May 19 - 10:34 am

Yeah, but that can’t be comfortable. It’s been five years. I’m sure he’s grateful but seriously he’s done other things. You know like that Shattered Glass movie everyone loved so much. Or even that Life as a House movie that was actually nominated for something. It’s like being remembered for slipping and falling in front of everyone in the school cafeteria in grade school. Even though the person who fell thought it was hilarious they don’t want it brought it up forever and forever.