Hayden Christensen main attraction at Capri Hollywood Kimbo International Film Festival today

Is Star Wars a burden?
Not at all. Anakin will remain an experience of the past and at the same time an opportunity for the future.

Born in Vancouver, with five upcoming films, among which there are “The Decameron” and “Factory Girl”, Christensen is really the man of the moment. Last year he played Lorenzo, a stray, wandering man with no purposes, in the De Laurentiis production of “The Decameron”.
“Lorenzo is always running away. He doesn’t come to terms with himself and the world surrounding him because he thinks running away is the best option”.

What was playing alongside Elisabetta Canalis like?
She’s nice and I had fun working with her.

About the costumes designed by Roberto Cavalli:
“They’re lovely and full of color, as opposed to the ones people actually wore at the time”.

He has already been to Capri twice. His Neapolitan grandma has always spoken about this island as an amazing place So, as soon as he got the chance, he visited it and fell in love with it.

In his next movie the actor will play Bob Dylan (???).
“I’m not afraid to embark on such a role, it’s very exciting, a huge mountain to climb. I think I have what it takes to play this role. I’ll watch useful material, don’t worry, I’m doing my homework. However, it’ll be my take on the character as well”.

What’s it like to be 24 and so famous?
“It has been a rush that started 5 years ago when I was chosen for “Star Wars”. I’m very excited and I feel lucky to have got as far as this, I never would have imagined it a few years ago”.

He has a lot of memories of Italy’s landscapes:
“I have a “patchwork”: Rome with the Parliament Square, Siena. I have a lot of images of Italy in my mind. I’ll come back anytime I can or anytime I’m invited.

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