101. When you co workers call you a cradle robber because of this obsession with Hayden, pictures in your cubicle, his picture on your desktop and your unusually cheerful attitude, which they think is strange. Submitted by:Chris

102. Beg anyone to give you a pirated copy of Revenge of the Sith.

103. If you practice Jedi Knight Skills every day with an Anakin/Vader lightsaber. Submitted by:Hollies

104. You wear his picture around your neck. Submitted by:Hollies

105. When your friends are trying to sleep at 4 in the morning and you jump up yelling “love won’t save you Padme, only my new powers can!” and convince them they all need to participate as you act out the entire movie(well at least the parts with Hayden anyways) Submitted by:Natalie

106. You have your friend on her knees saying,”master Skywalker there’s too many of them,what are we going to do?” just so you can look evil and whip out your plastic glow-in-the-dark lightsaber. Submitted by:Natalie

107. Your boyfriend refuses to have sex with you because of the ONE time you wondered what it would be like to scream Hayden’s name instead(i thought it was funny as hell but he just wouldn’t get over it! Submitted by:Natalie

108. Your friends start making fun of him just to watch you get angry and attack them viciously. Submitted by:Natalie

109. You drag your friends to Blockbuster at midnight just to see if they finally have Goosebumps Night of the Living Dummy 3 in. Submitted by:Natalie

110. You can’t watch anything with him in it without making orgasmic noises. Submitted by:Natalie

111. Sometimes you find yourself thinking… ‘What Would Hayden Do?’ Submitted by:Natalie

112. You scream and dance when he blows the smoke out of his mouth and sucks it back through his nose in Llife as House. Submitted by:Natalie

113. Canada suddenly seems interesting. Submitted by:Natalie

114. Your friends have tried and failed to get a stripper dressed as Darth Vader to strip at your birthday party. Submitted by:Natalie

115. You know you’re Hayden obsessed when you have him as your screen saver - AT WORK! ;). Submitted by:Christina

116. When u read this your constantly laughing smiling and nodding. agreeing with every one. Submitted by:Sara

117. When you win a $20 gift voucher and go straight to the shop to buy the Star Wars lunchbox with Hayden on it. Submitted by:laura

118. If your parents threaten to ground you from star wars AOTC. Submitted by:Courtney

119. If you refuse to shop at a certain store because they don’t sell Anakin action figures. Submitted by:Courtney

120. If you want to be able to agree with over half of the things on this list. Submitted by:Courtney

121. When someone tells you they have a surprise for you and your first thought is something Hayden. Submitted by:Courtney

122. If you flew overseas so you could see star wars ROTS a day early. Submitted by:Courtney

123. If your parents hate Hayden Christensen because you talk about him to much and they threaten to tear all your posters of him down. Submitted by:Courtney

124. If you went to the theater to see star wars ROTS more then 5 times. Submitted by:Courtney

125. If you cried when they took ROTS out of theaters. Submitted by:Courtney

126. If you plan on naming your children after him or a character that he has played. Submitted by:Courtney

127. If your wardrobe consists of several Hayden outfits ex) shirts, sweaters and tanks. Submitted by:Courtney

128. If you plan on moving to Toronto, Canada just because Hayden grew up there. Submitted by:Courtney

129. If you constantly wish that you were born on 1981 so that you would be the same age as Hayden. Submitted by:Courtney

130. You bought the Ultimate Villain Anakin doll even though its 50 dollars. Submitted by:Angel

131. You take your Anakin doll everywhere with you even on vacation. ubmitted by:Angel

132. You sleep with your Anakin doll every night.S ubmitted by:Angel

133. You read HIS horoscope before you read yours. Submitted by:Christina

134. When you come back from vacation, you check desiringhayden.net BEFORE you check your email to see what you’ve missed. Submitted by:Christina

135. Always thinking, “I wonder what he’s doing now. Submitted by:Christina

136. You know your obsessed for an English project you write hayden as your modern day hero and show PICS of him in ROTS cause he looks so hot. Submitted by:NihilistDreamer

137. You are a 37 year old Office Manager, wife and mother of two and have 100+ pics on your work computer and your home computer.Your secretaries know you love him but your family thinks you are a star wars geek. Submitted by:tamayo

138. You refuse to date guys who don’t resemble Hayden. Submitted by:Lauren

139. You start thinking about your (your and Hayden’s) children’s names. Submitted by:Laurachan

140. When you find yourself crying to sleep some nights after watching AOTC or looking at ROTS posters and you start thinking how great it would be if he actually knew you existed.

Then you realize he actually doesn’t and your dreams come crashing down around you. Submitted by:Kerrie

141. You have a 2 sided page of pics of Hayden under ur pillow which you kiss good night! Submitted by:auzzie_girl_steph

142. If you ask for nothing but Hayden for Christmas! Submitted by:Tkbabe02

143. If you can go to the store for one item but going through the store notice 20 other items with Hayden’s face on them. Submitted by:Tkbabe02

144. When your friends tell you they saw something star wars or something with a pic of Hayden on it and they thought of you. Submitted by:Tkbabe02

145. When you find his REAL myspace account and add him as a friend.

146. You think he looks really hot even when he’s smoking.

147. You make a custom wallpaper with pics of him, and you make it to where you’re the only one that can use it.

148. You tell your teachers that his films are “Very Educational.” Submitted by:Ane

149. When you go your classes; you tell your teachers that his movies have somthing to do with the subject of class and you say “I insist that the entire class should watch it.” Submitted by:Ane

150. You then go crazy after your teacher said were going to watch one of his films.” Submitted by:Ane

151. He is to totally hot and dreamy any way young and old.” Submitted by:Angela

152. You procrastinate a big project for school just to visit desiringhayden.net.” Submitted by:Michelle

153. At school you forget what the teach is saying just cause you’re dreaming of how hot Hayden would look in the teach’s Abercrombie and fitch polo shirt.” Submitted by:Michelle

154. Your friend flips you off when you mention the word “Hayden”. Submitted by:Michelle

155. Said friend draws all over your beautiful custom made Anakin Skywalker ID keychain- “Property of the Hayden Christensen Freak. Padawan braids are sexy”. Submitted by:Michelle

156. You stay up at midnight emailing Jen on a Monday.” Submitted by:Michelle

157. You somehow got your Science teacher to put a picture of him on the classroom wall- in a heart covered frame!.” Submitted by:Michelle

158. You boycott the OC just cause Mischa Barton got to kiss Hayden in Decameron.” Submitted by:Michelle

159. You and YOUR 45 YEAR OLD MOTHER hate Padme’ Amidala with a passion.” Submitted by:Michelle

160. For French class you drive your teach up the wall by asking her every known translation for the sentence “I love Anakin”. And just for a menu project.” Submitted by:Michelle

161. You sneakily suggest repeatedly for a trip to Toronto- just so you can go knock on the Christensen’s door and bug them. And just for a menu project.” Submitted by:Michelle

162. The Science notebook you kept from last year but never used was turned into a love shrine- lock of hair, dirty stories, odd nickname, pics of what your kids might look like, complete fact sheet… you get the idea”. Submitted by:Michelle

163. You mailed him so many times that you actually got a personal reply and an autographed photo along with a threat of restraining order if you mail him EVER AGAIN.” Submitted by:Michelle

164. You make out with a photocopy of said photo.” Submitted by:Michelle

165. Your 8 year old brother knows every line to Life as a House and Higher Ground.” Submitted by:Michelle

166. You make George Lucas a personal friend just so you can get your paws on Hayden’s number.” Submitted by:Michelle

167. You corner Tove on an LA street one day and give him a note to take to Hayden.”Submitted by:Michelle

168. Your pet frogs are named Hayden and Anakin.” Submitted by:Michelle

169. You write graphic scenes of love making between you and him in every one of the stories you’ve ever authored… or co-authored.” Submitted by:Michelle

170. You listen to ‘Crash and Burn’ by Savage Garden and think Hayden is singing it to you: then you wake up from your day-dream and start crying.” Submitted by:Laura-Chan

171. You simply CANNOT go anywhere without carrying something with hayden’s face on it.” Submitted by:Padmé_haydenlover

172. When the very first thing you do is kiss all your pictures of hayden and/or hs characters.” Submitted by:Padmé_haydenlover

173. When you asked your best friend to give you a Hayden poster for Christmas.” Submitted by:Jenny

174. After watching a love scene with Hayden in it, you place yourself in the actresses’ place and do the scene as if it were you and Hayden. (which leads to my next one).” Submitted by:Jenny

175. You know every line to your favorite Hayden scenes (especially the ones he looks hott in)”.
Submitted by:Jenny

176. Everywhere you go, you try to picture him with you and you have made up a dream you want to have about him and you pray every night for it to happen in a dream”.
Submitted by:Ashton

177. When u make up a family on your computer game, with u married to hayden and in a big house and children. and you look exactly like u do now”. Submitted by:Lauren

178. You have a blue folder with all sorts of Hayden pictures in it and you take it to school and all your friends ask what is that and you reply by saying oh nothing its just my boyfriend.” Submitted by:Amy

179. Every time you listen or hear a love song, you automatically think of Hayden”.
Submitted by:Angela

180. Your little brother said you were calling out his name in your dead sleep,and when you go to the dentist and your on the laughing gas,you keep telling him you are Padma Amidala and your waiting for your husband Anakin to rescue you. long story, dont ask.”
Submitted by:JC

181. You are willing to watch every single of his movies even though you don’t like the genre/type of his movies. For example: You force yourself to watch “Awake” even though you can’t stand to see blood. You just want to see him acting on the screen and don’t care about that bloody screen.
Submitted by:Carissa

182. If you are going to join a singing contest, you rehearse in front of his picture imagining that he encourages and supports you.
Submitted by:Carissa

183. On holiday, you go to his hometown and hoping you can (at least) pass or see him out on the street.
Submitted by:Carissa

184. You compare Hayden & his body part’s to your boyfriend.

185. You admit you’re obsessed!!

186. You have a huge box of clippings,magazines and whatever else you can get your hands on about him.

187. Your family knows you’re obsessed.
Submitted by:Jackey

188. You name your pet after him or one of the character’s he played.
Submitted by:Jackey

189. You get excited or scream when hear the name Hayden.
Submitted by:Jackey

190. You get excited when you see & or hear him.

191. My husband and friends think I’m nuts and very nerdy especially when I am reading my star wars books at the gym or they see my computer with my Anakin wall paper. Plus most of the music on my computer consist of hayden/anakin videos that others have made and I listen to all the time.
Submitted by:Amber

192. Your computer is full of Hayden images and video clips that your hard drive is practically full.

193. You have your windshield header of your care made saying Anakin Vader with both Jedi and Imperial symbols. Submitted by:Mary

194. You will name your son Anakin Hayden. Submitted by:Mary

195. Your Myspace is name is AnakinVader. Submitted by:Mary

196. You are a SW collector, especially for AnakinVader. Submitted by:Mary

197. You create your own Hayden/Anakin return address labels. Submitted by:Mary

198. You own all 6 SW movies including the Clone Wars 1&2 volumes & extras. Submitted by:Mary

199. If you’re jealous of your seven-year-old son for having Star Wars underwear (that you bought him 2 packs of even though he rolled his eyes and thinks you’re a geek.
Submitted by:Hilary

200. You know your obsessed with HC when your 2 children try to complete their homework and you wont get off the DH net, so they cant research anything. But you know if the assignment due was on ROTS they would score the highest marks in the galaxy.
Submitted by:Helen

201. You know you’re obsessed with Hayden when you have your car license plate personalized with Jedi and you have your husband’s car license plate personalized with Sith.
Submitted by:Barb

202. You know you’re obsessed with Hayden when you name your pets Ani or Vader or Quinn or Jumper (and it doesn’t matter what kind of pets you have). Submitted by:Barb

203. When you travel the world only for find his movies set. Toronto First, Rome then.
Submitted by:Marty

204. Your friends dare you to not mention/look at Hayden for 24 hours. Submitted by:Anna

205. You know your obsessed with Hayden when…… you can’t go more than an hour or two without logging into DH.net to see what’s new and then you have to hit “clear my footprints” on the internet settings page of your computer so that your husband and children don’t really know how much time you spend drooling over Hayden. Submitted by:Melissa

206. You know all the lines from Star Wars Episodes II and III only because Hayden appears in those episodes.
Submitted by:Barb

207. You watch Star Wars Episode VI all the way through knowing that Hayden will only appear in the LAST 10 seconds of the film. Submitted by:Barb

208. When you are watching E! True Hollywood story on Demi Moore and one of the people interviewed has magazines displayed in the background. YELP, it’s Hayden and Natalie from Clones on Entertainment Weekly.

Now instead of paying attention to Demi Moore stuff, you wait for the mag cover of Ani!!! Everytime it appears, you point and squeal to your husband, Look! It’s Hayden. He gets annoyed everytime you point and squeal b/c he’s actually interested in Demi Moore even though the tv show has sooooo become about Hayden. I mean his picture is displayed about 15 times. Submitted by:Hilary

209. You love the fragrance of Be Delicious DKNY for Men which you would buy for your boyfriend, Husband etc. You also love the Be Delicious DKNY fragrance for Women and wonder what Hayden would do if you walked passed him with the women’s DKNY Be Delicious on? Submitted by:Amy

210. You constantly check DH.net EVEN from your blackberry! Submitted by:Avery

211. You giggle when you watch him on a movie.Submitted by:Brooke

212. You have an essay on a hero and write about him. Submitted by:Brooke

213. You get depressed because you know you can never meet him. Submitted by:Brooke

214. You think hes the perfect guy for you.
Submitted by:Brooke

215. You know your obsessed when channel ten says that ROTS is going to be on and you scream you guts out and run around.
Submitted by:Brooke