Here are over 200 reasons that you are obsessed! If you feel like submitting, simply email me.

1. You have his pictures taped all over your wall,locker and even mirror.

2. You know every word to Life as a House.

3. You have every episode of Higher Ground taped.

4. The name Hayden appears somewhere in your screen name.

5. You think Darth Vader is so sexy.

6. Would rather stay home on a Saturday Night watching Hayden Movies or a Higher Ground Marathon.

7. You kept the chip bags and cereal boxes he was on.

8. Constantly pause the LAAH famous shower scene.

9. Collect every magazine he’s in,even the tiniest pictures.

10. Was the first in line to see Attack of the Clones or went to the midnight showing.

11. Went and seen AOTC more than 2 times.

12. Love the mean look and temper in Anakin.

13. Must find a way to talk about him, at least once a day.

14. Long to kiss his luscious lips.

15. Wish you were Padme Skywalker or Alyssa.

16. You have a tattoo on yourself, that has to do with him or his characters.

17. Reserved your copy of AOTC dvd.

18. Make wallpapers for your PC all the time.

19. Try to get your friends to like him.

20. Own a Star Wars lunchbox.

21. Your cellphone rings to the SW theme.

22. Can’t wait to see Hayden in the black leather Vader suit.

23. Obsessed with the sound of his voice.

24. Have a six hour tape with every one of his tv appearances.

25. Your friends are beginning to hate the word Hayden,you say it so much. Submitted by:Michelle

26. Your mom is still deaf from the time you got Anakin’s trading card after you bought about 40 packs of the cards. Submitted by:Michelle

27. You sing to his pictures on the wall. Submitted by:Helen

28. You go out and buy the cds that have all the songs from LAAH,and only to feel like he’s right there listening to them with you. Submitted by:Lauren

29. You record one of Hayden’s Movies on a cassette tape, so you can listen to it over and over again.

30. Keep watching your AOTC dvd/vhs over and over again.

31. Made a website on him.

32. Would spend your last dollar on a magazine he’s in.

33. Try to dream of Hayden over and over again.

34. You sign every card with Mrs. Hayden Christensen (or Skywalker,etc.) Hayden or Hayden related words are doodled all over your homework and classwork and your teacher is now intimately familiar with his name. Submitted by:Angel

35. You have Star Wars mobile phone cover so you can carry Hayden around with you where ever you go. Submitted by:flik

36. Know every line of AOTC. Submitted by:Anilu

37. Dream of one day marrying him. Submitted by:Ashley

38. You look in the figurine’s section at Wal-mart to see if there’s an Anakin action figure. Submitted by:Sabrina.C

39. You know ever move he makes in his movies. Submitted by:Ally

40. You think about him 24/7, you fantasize being with him almost as if it were real, as though the two of you were always together, a love so true, it never dies. ubmitted by:Kayla

41.You go out and buy Hayden’s favorite band’s cd.

42. You get body piercings jus like Sam in LAAH.

43. You act like Sam in LAAH.

44. You start to look like Sam from LAAH.

45. You make the lightsaber noises like Hayden did.

46. You own every movie from Hayden.

47. You camp out just to b the 1st in line to see his new movie.

48. You only talk about Hayden.

49. You have over 1000 pics saved of Hayden on the computer.

50. When you name ur pet after Hayden or after one of his characters.

51. You know every line of Hayden’s from LAAH.

52. You start to act, dress, and change your birthplace to Canada.

53. You go to Canada hoping to see Hayden.

54. Ask your mom to start cooking everything Hayden likes to eat.

55. You start to talk like Hayden.

56. When you start promoting his movies.

57. When you dress up as Hayden or Sam or Anakin for Halloween.

58. When you change your name to Hayden just to be like him.

59. When you change your name to Sam from LAAH.

60. When you start to dye ur hair black with blue streaks like Sam in LAAH.

61. When you tape his voice and play it over and over again juts to hear what he sounds like again.

62. You got his pics by your pillow side. Submitted by:Varsha

63. You can’t watch the shower scenes in LAAH because you’re too jealous of Jena Malone.

64. Each time you have a friend over you force them to watch LAAH just to show them how amazing Hayden is at acting and how how he looks “goth”.

65. Your room is filled with everything Hayden, from posters to action figures. Submitted by:Jedi Caro

66.You talk about him every time, to make other people understand that you’re obsessed about him!!!Submitted by:Rain

67. You’ve broken up with at least one boyfriend because they think obsessing with Hayden is insane. Submitted by:Ana

68. People wince when you start a word with ‘Hay-’ or ‘hey’. Submitted by:Ana

69. All you ever dream about is him and hoping never to wake up from that dream. Submitted by:Meganonian

70. If you’ve split up with every boyf because you call them Hayden. Submitted by:Amy

71.You’ve made continuous scrapbooks filled with pages, articles, and pictures of magazines,and show appearances he has been in.

72. You have every Star Wars Anakin poster hanging up on your ceiling.

73. You right “Hayden” on your hand while at school.

74. Have a collage of his pictures on your binder.

75. Were at FIRST fascinated and adored his acting ability before realizing his true handsomeness.

76. Buy two copies of each magazine featuring Hayden.

77. One to keep in mint condition, another to Cut and paste in different areas of your room.

78. When you answer your mum and dad, you tend to say lines from LAAH. Submitted by:Kym

79. Your AIM expression and buddy icon are both Hayden. Submitted by:Roain_Xantos

80. You hope that every place or vacation you go on he’ll be vacationing or shooting his next film there too, where magically you’ll meet and fall madly in love You can’t help to think that he will come out of the screen if you stare at it enough. Submitted by:Rachel N

81. You find yourself looking up hayden everywhere possible to see if there is any new information or pictures that you missed throughtout all the hours of the night, not caring that you have school in less than 3 hours. Submitted by:Rachel N

82. You buy his dvd’s even tho it’s way too expensive and you cannot pay your bills, just cause you have to see him and at least you own something from him! Submitted by: Jessica

83. You sing a song and everytime the words I love you, I want you, I need you, you’re the one, comes you look at Hayden’s pic and sing it to him. Submitted by: Jessica

84. You masturbate to his pictures, voice and imagine you’re lovers. Submitted by:Veronica

85. When you start to kiss your hand in the shower and pretend that its Hayden in LAAH. Submitted by: Tina

86. When you watch the LAAH “shower scene” over…and over…and over, in slow motion until you can do the same thing…and now all u need is Hayden. Submitted by: Tina

87. You make music videos all about him or having to do with one of the characters he has played. Submitted by: Jess

88. You give your significant other a make-over to look like Hayden or one of his characters. Submitted by:Jess

89. You surf the internet religiously for anything you might have missed or might be missing,even though you know there isn’t any new news yet. Submitted by:Jess

90. You’ve praticed Haydism so much that in fact you’ve developed a Canadian accent. Submitted by:Jess

91. When you pray for him and his family every night before you go to bed. Submitted by:Beth

92. You keep a picture of Hayden in your wallet. Submitted by:ann

93. Everytime you go to church, all you can picture is how it would look on your wedding day…with Hayden waiting for you in a tux at the altar. Submitted by:Tina

94. One day you see a wedding dress in a store window and you run in and buy it “just in case he comes around.” . Submitted by:Tina

95. When you go to Build-a-Bear and name your bears after him.Submitted by:J

96. desiringhayden.net is your homepage. Submitted by:J

97. He is taped all over your binder for school and he’s all around in your room and all u do is talk about him and hes ur everything. Submitted by:Samantha

98. You carry a picture of him everywhere you go.your friends tell you that you had a conversation with him in your sleep at slumber party. Submitted by:Roain

99. Went to see Revenge of the Sith at midnight.

100.Visit Hayden sites/fanlistings constantly.