His style is subtle and natural. He always looks fit at public events and goes for comfortable clothes. Hayden has a great habit of re-using some his favorite items of clothing. Here are some of his most loved pieces.

The Boots
Hayden loves wearing his leather boots.He likes to pair them with his favorite jeans being casual and/or dressed up for an event. (picture- 1)

Hayden can often be seen wearing caps with casual looks and at events. (picture- 2)

Baggy Jeans
Hayden can often be seen wearing baggy denim jeans.He dresses them up or down, for day or night.
One of his favorite labels is Diesel.
He says:

“I wear the same pair of jeans because they look better with more wear and less wash”.

(picture- 3)

Suit Coats
Wears these often to events pairing them with baggy jeans and a t-shirt underneath. (picture- 4)

Hayden likes to wear scarves as part of his wardrobe.He can often be seen wrapping these over his Winter coats. (picture- 5)

Trainers: Pumas
He has said that his favorite brand of trainers are Pumas. (picture- 6)

Black Trenchcoat
Hayden’s favorite item of clothing is his black trenchcoat-

” I have a cool black coat, kind of like a trenchcoat. It’s warm and comfortable and I wear it all the time. ”

(picture- 7)

One of Hayden’s must-have accessories are his sunglasses. The brand you can see him wear often are Ray-Ban. (picture-8 )

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