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Feb 08,2011

If You Liked ‘The Social Network,’ You Might Like … ‘Shattered Glass’

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If you liked ‘The Social Network,’ you might like the underrated movie ‘Shattered Glass,’ from 2003.

The difference in the two portrayals — and perhaps what made ‘The Social Network’ more commercially and critically successful — was that Eisenberg gave Facebook’s founder a touch of humanity that is lacking in Christensen’s choice to make Glass totally unsympathetic.

In the end, Glass’ friends at the New Republic side with Chuck and he is alone at the conference table — the same way Zuckerberg is left in ‘The Social Network.’ The only difference is, Zuckerberg is a billionaire and Glass is disgraced. Source

Aug 10,2009

50 Best Biopics Ever

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26. SHATTERED GLASS (2003) SUBJECT: Stephen Glass

In the late ’90s, a young journalist named Stephen Glass enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence by writing a series of access-heavy articles for Washington’s elite weekly, The New Republic. Thing is, he fabricated just about everything. And got caught. —Marc Bernardin

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