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Dec 21,2009

Magazine Alert

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There is a small picture of Hayden in the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

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Thanks Elmira!

Nov 17,2009

Our Little Farmer

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Here is the translation from the November ‘09, German issue of Instyle magazine.

Hayden Christensen talks about farm work and love


Since Hayden Christensen played the smart Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars”, you can’t think of the young star brigade without him. Now, on top of that, a perfume was dedicated to the Canadian, who is engaged to “OC“ Star Rachel Bilson. With a sexy unbuttoned polo shirt the 28 year old is advertising the new male fragrance from Lacoste “Challenge“:

Instyle: On the campaign picture there is not one chest hair in sight. Are you waxing?
Hayden Christensen: (laughs) God, no, I never did that. It would hurt to bad. It wouldn’t really pay off, because haven’t got a lot of chest hair.

Instyle: People Magazine voted you one of the sexiest man in Hollywood. Do you like that?
Hayden Christensen: It’s flattering, but i get embarrassed, when someone asks me about it. I’m not really paying attention to my looks. It only takes me 15 minutes in the bathroom.

Instyle: Do you like the new Lacoste Challenge fragrance?
Hayden Christensen: The fresh scent of Lemon and orange and the heavy scent of ginger and dark wood, is reminding me of my fathers smell.

Instyle: What was your biggest challenge?
Hayden Christensen: My brother Tove, my sister Heijsa and I participated in the “Eco- Challenge” in Figi, when I was 21. It was a TV-adventure show, a 500 km race with 50 teams, who have to go threw the jungle on their own. There’s still a You Tube video.

Instyle: What do you like to do in your free time? Something adventures?
Hayden Christensen: I try to win tennis matches, and played against Mats Wilander in a Lacoste tournament for example. And I have a farm near Toronto with chickens and horses. That’s a good balance to Hollywood. We grow bio-vegetables and get our own power from solar-cells. I love to work on the farm and plow the land with my tractor.

Instyle: And your fiance is walking around in rain boots threw the mud?
Hayden Christensen: (laughs) We like to walk threw the woods. But I thinks she prefers to go shopping in Beverly Hills than farm work.

Instyle: Is she giving you styling tips?
Hayden Christensen: She sometimes buys shirts for me. But my favourite one, brought my grandma from Jamaica. It is a Hard-Rock-Cafe shirt.

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Oct 28,2009

Instyle Magazine

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Hayden is featured in the November ’09, German issue of Instyle magazine. The scan has been added to the gallery.

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Aug 05,2009

Fashion Magazine

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I’ve added a scan from the August issue of Fashion magazine.

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Thanks again to Catherine for the scan!

Aug 02,2009

Lacoste Challenge

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I’ve added the Lacoste Challenge ad from the August issue of Details magazine.

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